Our mission is to protect and promote the amazing cultural heritage of Romania through a new responsible and healthy tourism network designated to conserve biodiversity and highlight customs and traditions. Our programs will specifically target partners, volunteers or sponsors, interested in sustaining our team’s efforts and actions for future development of Romania’s eco-touristic extraordinary potential. These programs will be designed according to the sustainable tourism principles, and will focus on: open access to the real cultural identity of local communities, preservation and revival of the local customs, traditional crafts and arts, outdoor activities, travel exploration, cultural events and environmental friendly educational workshops.


Descult (transl. barefoot) intends to launch and grow the first ecological – cultural touristic network in Eastern Europe - Environmental & Cultural Conservation Camps “Dacian Roots”. This network will facilitate access to new travelling destinations for everybody interested in responsible, eco-friendly, and community based tourism.
Promote tourism to improve rural livelihood and protect Romanian culture

○ serve as a point of contact for information specific and relevant to community - based, responsible tourism development in Romania, and engage ourselves in further knowledge and informational development

○ create an informational communication platform for interested parties or individuals to make contact and forge cooperation with partners on selected projects via www.descult.ro

○ offer marketing support to promote community-based tourism sites, community activities and responsible tourism concepts, actions or interventions

○ lobby for policy and programming change to ensure greater local benefits from community-based responsible tourism and from the tourism sector in general



In this unique volunteering experience you will have the opportunity to work with the founders of Desculţ Association in developing and implementing our globetrotter projects! Also, we are including virtual volunteering where you can work from home. Be welcome to join us and our community, we are at just an email distance ٩(˘◡˘)۶